St John Church of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. (Main Campus)

220 North 27th Street Camden NJ     Phone: 856-541-9689

Sunday Morning Prayer (11:00am) - Sunday Worship Service (11:30am)

Worship & Word Wednesday (6:30am)

This year’s theme ABOUT FACE has catapulted our faith in every aspect of our lives. We are believing God for greater this year. When we can’t see, we have faith to believe God to provide.
— Pastor Bert Wright Jr.

The Year of "About Face"

We are excited for what the Lord has in store for St John Church in this upcoming year! We understand that in order to obtain a level of success that it takes a TEAM effort to achieve the goal that has been set before us. We believe 2017 was the year God got our ATTENTION, but now in 2018 we made an "ABOUT FACE" turn towards what God has assigned us to do. So we challenge each of you to FORWARD MARCH in the things of God.

Submitted, Pastor Bert & Lady Danielle Wright 

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Our Values

We are a body of believers that recognize that St. John collectively is a family unit.  We are called to bring hope to those who are in difficult situations no matter their ethnicity, origin, gender or creed. We will do all we can to be the best godly examples to those who desire to develop a work ethic. We desire that this ministry will strive to take a holistic approach in the development of a believer by honoring Jesus as the king and lord of our lives. We value the need for excellence in education.  We will not mishandle what God has placed in our hands so we will do our best to be good stewards whether it be in time, tithe or talent. We believe the written Word of God and will do all it takes to becomes students of the word.  We believe it is right to be a lover of all people intentionally in order to draw them to Christ.